Tooth Wear

Tooth Wear

In addition to tooth decay and gum disease, an increasingly common problem is teeth which simply wear down or in some cases dissolve over a prolonged period of excessive exposure to dietary acids. Teeth can become short, unsightly and in some cases rough and sensitive.

The main types of toothwear are:

Abrasion: Enamel can be worn away with excessive toothbrushing or when opposed with poorly contoured porcelain crowns.

Attrition:   Normally caused by tooth grinding or clenching, sometimes during sleep.

Erosion:   Tooth tissue is lost when there is excessive consumption of acidic foods or carbonated drinks. Also associated with some cases of gastric reflux.

At Allander Dental care, after the cause of the problem has been diagnosed, comprehensive care is offered. An early diagnosis is essential so that simpler treatments, including monitoring and prevention, may be provided.

Sometimes more complex treatments may be necessary to restore satisfactory function and deliver a good aesthetic result.

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