Crowns are a discreet and effective way of restoring and strengthening damaged, broken or weakened teeth. Each crown is individually constructed by our ceramic technicians to fit perfectly over your existing tooth, making it strong and giving it a natural appearance.

Crowns can be made from a variety of different materials and Allander Dental Care continually keeps abreast of the latest developments. Our dentists recommend all porcelain crowns for the most natural looking and pleasing results.

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How is a crown fitted?

It usually takes two appointments to have porcelain crowns fitted at Allander Dental Care. First we’ll prepare your tooth by removing some of the outer surface to leave a strong inner core. Once this has been shaped we’ll take an impression and match the shade of your existing teeth. The mould and shade information are then sent to a dental technician for your crown to be designed. While you wait for the crown to be made the dentist will fit you with a temporary crown. When the finished crown is ready the crown is bonded to your prepared tooth.

What are the benefits of all ceramic crowns?

  1. Natural looking teeth
  2. Protection of weakened teeth
  3. Improved cosmetic appearance
  4. Can reduce the risk of decayed or heavily restored teeth breaking


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Posterior Crown


Post Crown




Fractured Cusp


Anterior Crown


Crown Margin


Crown Options


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